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Moving to GitHub!

After struggling to keep up my old WordPress site, I’ve decided to move my research website to GitHub Pages. As you can see, I’ve already migrated and updated all of my old posts. I hope you enjoy the new design as much as I do!

There is still much work to be done. The main work to be done has to do with comments. Currently, there is no way to comment on posts here. Indeed, since this is a static site, dynamic features like comments are not available straight out of the box. An indirect consequence of this is that old comments haven’t been migrated from WordPress. I’m keeping the old WordPress site alive in its current state until comments have been migrated.

Another item to do is to integrate the new site into Boole’s Rings. Currently, most of the Boole’s Rings sites are WordPress based. Peter Krautzberger moved to GitHub Pages a two years ago; it seems from my current experience that migrating is much easier now. I don’t know how well integration will work but the experiment itself is well within the spirit of Boole’s Rings.

These next steps will happen over the next weeks (… or months! … or years?) In the mean time, there are a few small intermediate steps like setting up a custom domain name. Anyway, you can track my progress on GitHub

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